Thursday, October 4, 2007

Shopping Day

This morning is the big day! Nancy has been talking about it for days, wait, make that months. This is the day we go shopping for Halloween and fall candy, decor, and toys. As a matter of fact she is sitting on the living room couch with her purse in her lap and her sunglasses on her face. Her shoes are on, too. Whenever we are going somewhere Nancy's biggest fear is that we will leave and she won't have a chance to put on her shoes. So she will ask numerous times, "Do I need to put my shoes on?"

Mom is in the computer room finishing writing her bills and Nancy keeps asking, "are you coming, Mom?" I woke up early this morning and tip-toed through the house, so Nancy would sleep in. She must of smelled my coffee and toast, because she yelled from her room, "Is it time to get up yet!" "No, go back to sleep! It's early, " I yelled back. But I heard her walk down the hall and come into the kitchen. She said, "Do I need to get dressed? Are we going, now?"

As most of you know, Nancy is my special needs sister. She has a list bigger than Santa's naughty and nice list. Of course she has been working on it for months. She is so excited. So, I better end this and head out for our big shopping trip.


Glo said...

Have a great shopping day. Now be sure you get everything on Nancy's list... can wait to meet her.

Denise said...

Be blessed, not stressed as you shop today.